UNESCO International Bureau of Education

The Epistemic Insight Initiative on the Future of Knowledge offers a superlative reworking of the nature, purpose, contents and strategies of education. The ‘EI’ strategy for transforming the curriculum, pedagogy, teaching and learning helps us to see what is needed to achieve the UNESCO vision of educating new generations for sustainable, fair, inclusive and peaceful futures.

We need to explore, test, expand and share renewed ways of collaboration and integration among knowledge areas and disciplines to equip all learners to competently face disruptive challenges at present and in the future. Epistemological rearrangement of knowledge is crucial for strengthening the relevance of education, and for connecting the curriculum and pedagogy to societal opportunities and challenges.

This is a pathway that brings together experts and practitioners from many different areas and fields, to realise the aspiration of better futures for our own and future generations.

Renato Opertti
Senior Expert at the International
Bureau of Education, IBE-UNESCO