Discovery Bags and Big Questions

The Discovery Bags project begins with a bag of simple equipment that encourages hands-on enquiry. From water droplets to paper spinners – we say these activities give children ‘essential experiences of thinking like a scientist’ when they investigate questions about how the natural world works.

But this project isn’t only about science. It’s about the way that all of our ‘ways of knowing’ can help us to investigate different types of questions.

So the first step is to establish what it feels like to ‘think like a scientist’.

The next step is to compare ‘thinking like a scientist’ and ‘thinking like a historian. Children take the question, “Why did the Titanic sink” and explore through science AND history to get two disciplines’ perspectives on the same question.

And it doesn’t stop there. From questions we can explore through two disciplines we move next to Big Questions. Big Questions are questions like “What makes me me” that we can investigate through science, history, geography, the arts, theology, philosophy, music, mathematics. … ok, you get the idea!

In the video above, staff and children at Bromstone Primary school explain how it works and the impacts on children’s learning.

What makes this project even more special is that children all over the world can try out the same activities and compare ideas. And you can read more here