A Smarter Search Engine: Encouraging curiosity, creativity, and criticality about knowledge

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This project brings together themes prevalent across all the projects and involves the collaboration of different teams and disciplines to create a prototype of a ‘smarter search engine’. 

This project is motivated by questions regarding the effect that access to a seemingly infinite amount of information via the internet and search engines has on the ways that students, educators and researchers think about and work with knowledge across a range of disciplines. Ultimately it aims to equip users with strategies to overcome the limitations of the answers you get when you search.

The Smarter Search Engine project will work to co-create new practices in our educational and scholarly institutions aimed at transforming barriers that block epistemic insight and flourishing into opportunities and boundaries that are understood and skillfully negotiated. These barriers include disciplinary silos, the fragmentation of knowledge and our enthusiasm for the ease, speed and benefits of modelling and working with the knowledge we already have.