What does it mean to be an Intern at The LASAR Centre?

By Aryn Litchfield

LASAR carries out research and innovation to investigate the relationships between science, religion and the wider humanities in education. Our work seeks to create the space for epistemic agency to flourish for all those involved in the pursuit of knowledge. In doing so, we recognise the importance of having diverse and multidisciplinary perspectives contribute to our research and help carry that conversation into the future. With that in mind, student Research Interns who engage with LASAR and epistemic insight can expect to become part of a multidisciplinary research team and directly and meaningfully contribute to the ‘Epistemic Insight Future of knowledge project’.

As part of the LASAR team you can expect to be supported and encouraged to:

  • learn and talk about research while you work on research projects that are at the forefront of their field
  • be part of a multidisciplinary research team which includes diverse backgrounds of expertise within the humanities, sciences and education
  • suggest and co-create projects, working with more experienced researchers and see those projects through tangible outcomes

Our current and past Interns have worked with us on various projects and produced outputs such as:

  • The publication of high quality articles
  • Producing insightful content that helps to communicate complex ideas, featured on our websites and associated platforms
  • Support and help develop our events such as our recent one at the Royal Society of Chemistry

We strongly encourage active co-creation, which means our interns are able to create a distinctive space in which their voice, ideas and outputs contribute in a significant way.

Being an Intern at LASAR means joining us on the journey to becoming epistemically insightful and developing the ‘Future of knowledge’ projects in a meaningful direction.