Discover the AI in your life:

Launching at Canterbury Christ Church University on Thursday 14th September

We are on the cusp of a new age – where AI becomes integrated into our lives in ways that are so seamless they become invisible.

The prompt for the two images above was ‘future busy lifestyles and appliances that include high technology’ and the prompt to produce this image was ‘multidisciplinary subjects in busy room; 4 people diversity.’

Universities are in the businesses of knowledge creation and the development of future knowledge workers. That means we are doubly driven by and influencing how AI interacts with out lives.

At this showcase of visions, exploratory work, forthcoming courses, research news and taster workshops that you can attend here and now – you’ll encounter a full range of expositions and activities to propel you into the future of our lives with AI.

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Our Pioneering Offer

At Canterbury Christ Church we lead as well as learn. In our approaches to teaching, research, learning and assessment, we:

  • Encourage agency in our students alongside open-mindedness, wisdom and compassion
  • Co-create pedagogies and research that appreciates the value of distinct disciplinary lenses alongside the importance of joined-up thinking.
  • Establish tools and strategies that help us to gain epistemic insight and boost our capacities to flourish


Workshops on the launch day and during the year will be promoted here from early September. We hope to have something for everyone – from using GenAI for communication skills development, to how it can help you in business, to what’s happening at the frontiers of astronomy research. And – because AI isn’t the only important story to tell, we will also have hands-on activities to draw attention to why we can’t do everything that maters online.