Funding Organisations

To date, the Epistemic Insight Initiative has received funding from two UKRI Research Councils and Charities in England and overseas.

BQiC: The Big Questions in Classroom Initiative

The Templeton Word Charity Foundation organise a priority area for funding called, Big Questions in Classrooms. Within the BQiC portfolio of grantees and projects, LASAR and the Epistemic Insight Initiative received the largest grant. LASAR provided the research findings that motivated TWCF to create the BQiC priority area via an earlier research project called, Being Human.

Bonnie Poon Zahl is the Principal Advisor for the Big Questions in Classrooms initiative, and also provides consultation to the Foundation on other areas of grantmaking.

About the Big Questions in Classrooms initiative

The TWCF website explain:

Young people are curious about the world around them and their place within it. No single subject alone can answer the universe’s big questions, particularly those that bear on the human search for meaning, purpose, and truth. The Big Questions in Classrooms (BQiC) initiative seeks to help students understand the value of different kinds of knowledge and explanatory frameworks.

BQiC seeks to develop teachers’ and students’ understanding and insight about “how knowledge works,” particularly in the domains of science education and religious education (RE) in England. We want to nurture their curiosity and their appreciation of how various forms of knowledge can come together to enrich our questioning, reasoning, and learning.

Holistic Teaching of Science in the Muslim WorldWorld Science Collaborative Ltd2022$554,925
‘How Knowledge Works’ in British Science and Religious Education: Considering the Impact of Big Questions in Classrooms​New Philanthropy Capital2021$354,739
Religion and Worldviews in the Classroom. Syllabus Building: Principles, Tools, and Exemplification​The Religious Education Council of England and Wales2021$228,642
​Science Beyond the Boundaries​The University of York2020$443,852
​Dialogue in Science and Religious Education: Evolution Instruction in a Diverse Democratic Society using Pedagogy of Difference​University of Haifa2019$234,000
​Challenging Knowledge in RE: Big Questions, Different Perspectives​Christian Education Movement2019$444,831
​The Beginning Teacher in the Science/Religion Encounter: Building Confidence for an Integrated Vision of KnowledgeCanterbury Christ Church University2019$444,289
What Distinctive Contribution Does Religious Education Make to the Development of Epistemic Literacy in Relation to Big Questions in Religion and Science?​University College London2019$133,845
The Epistemic Insight Initiative​Canterbury Christ Church University2019$1,542,155
“How Knowledge Works” in British Science and Religious Education: Considering the Impact of Big Questions in Classrooms ​New Philanthropy Capital2019$204,530
Broadening Secondary School Science (BRaSSS)University College London2018$387,418
Argumentation in Science and Religious Education: An Interdisciplinary Study in British SchoolsThe Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford2018$469,354
Key Moments in History – a Fossil Hunter’s Story: Teaching Resources and Professional Development to Support Knowledge and Understanding of Big Ideas of Science EducationThe Association for Science Education2018$336,156
​Accelerating Insight: An Oxford–Templeton Project for SchoolsChancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Oxford2017$403,969
The New Biology: Implications for Philosophy, Theology, and EducationInternational Society for Science and Religion2015$992,323
Being Human: Discovering and Advancing School Students’ Perceptions of the Relationships between Science and ReligionUniversity of Reading2014$1,031,985
God and the Big BangThe Diocese of Manchester, Board of Education2014$933,223